Dominik Dragos Pohludka

Iranian: CarpEt, Air ForcE, Stability

Carpet 105 × 70 cm

Tajrish bazaar Tehran Wednesday 7. August 2019

For lunch we went to the old bazaar Tajrish near the metro station where we had a meeting with Merkan. With whom we set out to exchange our last budget for Iran.

— money exchange process skipped —

We get to the depths of the bazaar and from one side shop led by Mahdi Asgari. As a proper Iranian, he introduced himself with a lot of energy and pulled us on the carpet to tell us about the carpets. He asked me to take a picture of him with his carpets. I did not refuse and so was created a series of about 5 photos. That shines by pride sight and view of Iran when I photographed him he was very nervous and at the end thanked me that I gave him my time and maybe my photos will spread to people in Europe see that Iran is not desert terrorists and war but that Iran is Persia, carpets and cats.

This makes my carpet a reflection of the modern view of Iran. The main idea is to transcend reality, which is nowadays covered to us in all possible ways. The material combination is chosen as a representation of hyperbole inspired by Iranian penchant for satirizing humor. And also as the strength of Persian roots compared to the fair load carpet

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