Dominik Dragos Pohludka

How to travel the world in the coronavirus times

I visited every country in the world.

In 2019-2020, I drew most of my inspiration from my travels around the world in my work. However, with the growing coronavirus situation, it has become an art to travel anywhere. What does travel actually mean today and how is it presented? Photos that show us distant places in the world have become proof of travel.
(Is it true?)

With a closer look, can the revealed reality seem distorted, modified, and so insincere? Photos from distant places are all starting to look the same, and with the increasing trends of social networks, more and more photos are being played, so the spaces far beyond instagram are flooded with empty rigid copies.

Pretty pop no? Travel and especially travel photos have become a mass consumed product that simply works for the viewer, but in the long run it starts to repeat itself and thus becomes dull.

Disgust, yeah, that‘s nice, if you haven‘t seen it a million times with the same pose before. And the pose in general is one of the things that can pick up a photo or drown a copy in the sea. Light blue sky and transparent water the key to success? If you don‘t have a palm tree in the photo from the tropics, then you‘re a dick.

What photos in front of the waterfall, all dressed up? Ideally everything down.

Ha, animals hairier and more exotic = greater reach, hearts. Let‘s all take pictures with monkeys on a string and a scooter.

Poor children in Africa. Not that they are hungry, it doesn‘t matter to almost everyone these days, but because they have to endure millions of influencers who help. If they suffered less, no one would be interested.

I honestly would like to build Everest, not really the bigger the hill the more clicks on social media and the more money the vendor permits outputs.Although perhaps more decisive is the popular and resounding name, which of you knows the 3rd largest mountain in the world, hmmm? Some places in the world are simply unknown. What is Eritrea? In my opinion, the name (Paris, beauty) is to blame.

But then we have countries and places that don‘t sound so good: Democratic Republic of Congo = Republic of Congo (Difference in the degree of democracy?), It just doesn‘t sound good. However, my personal favorite for the best place on earth wins: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch took it from the opposite side and is a tourist attraction, so I suggest that they could write more about how the democracy actually works in the Democratic Republic of Congo, that could be a great name.

Why did I do that? I enjoy traveling and at the same time I enjoy taking pictures on the road. However, I probably felt a slight offense that the photoshopped ass makes a bigger reach than my travel mess, so I decided to combine what I could (mass production of unnecessary photos and involve the already mentioned photoshopping of the butts), and so I do my ass on high-quality photos from every country and in many cases pointed to the absurdity of the places.

Because it doesn‘t matter if the photo is real or fake, popularity, animals and ass are important.

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