Dominik Dragos Pohludka

Sofa in the style of Ostrava Marianske Hory

Shopping cart, pillows 100 × 113 × 60 cm

I like to create things connected with places where I have been or lived. In a few days I will be moving in, that I don‘t have to move anything heavy (so that I don‘t think of any uselessness at the last moment, which I would have to carry). The advantage of the Marianske Hory area is their strategic location, somehow in the middle, surrounded by shops Futurum, Kaufland, Billa. However, the imaginary center is quite far away, so I started observing the phenomenon of shopping all the way home in a shopping cart. At first, I noticed shopping carts tossed everywhere. The predominantly Roma population „Mariánek“ dealt with the distance to the interior of Mariánské Hory, not by carrying full bags of purchases, but by carrying them in shopping cart.

What about a cart that arrived at its destination?

There are 3 options:

Thrown away
The most common of the variants, the cart remains thrown at random by its fate.

Collection yard
Many of the carts are loaded into the car and end up sold out on metal

The most brutal of the variants, the basket ends up parked by the garbage cans or tucked directly into a semi-full garbage can, and so its fate lurks at the mercy of garbage collectors who pour the cart into the car.

And then there is the possibility of me. I said to myself that if there was ever a cart parked by the garbage cans in front of my apartment in „Mariánky“, it was mine. So I have a cart, what about it? I decided to use my cart as a design seat, so with the help of a steel saw I cut the whole side (clean 2 hours of cutting), added pillows and cool no? A big advantage is a child seat which serves as a folding table or a sitting place for a cat. Another advantage is the holder for I don‘t know what on the right side, which can be used as a stylish mobile phone holder. And I must not forget the spacious storage space in the area above the wheels.

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