Dominik Dragos Pohludka


artificial grass, fake flowers and snake skin on a frame, 35 × 35 × 10 cm

Dare to put a living wall in the apartment. What‘s beautiful about the artificial attempt to stick a piece of nature into your living room. It dries up. It sucks.

Based on previous experiments with artificial insects, it‘s time to point it to a more beautiful way of disgustingly decorating your walls. Flowers symbolize love but can fake flowers be the exact opposite and show the worst of us? Kitsch decorating walls full of dying life grass or moss with flowers who even came with that idea? So it‘s my turn to make some beautiful flower live walls that you can hang yoursellf next to. But for real did you people find kitsch beautiful in some ways? And that‘s the part with snake skin. Did I actually do it in an infinity symbol that‘s wild? Sounds symbolic? Yes it‘s meant to be like that snake in infinity symbols as a circle and ∞, snake eating himself, snake skin as a symbol of rebirth of something. Beautiful symbol of a snake placed in confrontation with disgusting flowers. My current mood or simply the effort of making something that‘s disgusting in a beautiful way? Maybe both?

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