Dominik Dragos Pohludka

Center of IrAN

November 18.
It’s 2019 and after my return from Iran I’m still confused, I’m mostly confused by how
much the media reality was different from reality.

The world behind the curtain, the world under totality.

And so, in the light of current events, we can only hope that the system will turn for
the better, that the revolution is about to happen, and this will be how I experienced
the last days of the existence of this bizarre but dark world. And somewhere in the
distance, you can see the eternal persian flame that has survived in the kindness
and ingenuity of people.

The flame still burns. And with him police cars and the hope that this time there will
be a change. I am deeply saddened, there is an escalation and the Western media
quite often seem to find only sand dunes, terrorists and „endless war“ on the map,
while somehow forgetting about ordinary people. And so, this time, Iran’s name is
again connected with the supply of drones for Russia to Ukraine. As if the
government and the people are one, so at this moment we will sweep the support of
anti-government demonstrations under the
„Iran, that bad Iran…“

I am in daily contact with my friends in Iran and every day it is a question of which of
them I wrote to last.

And so let the hair that traveled across part of the world become my business card
of defiance and support.

The nooses will always hang, only our level of defiance can delay us so that one
day the rope is not for us.


از ایرانی‌ها تشکر می‌کنم، چون به لطف آنهاست که هنری می‌سازم که نظر داشته باشد و هرگز ساکت نشود.

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