Dominik Dragos Pohludka

On the edge of revolutions

A deep breath and a sign raised high above the head.  We loudly proclaim slogans, opinions, memories.  We write them into a reality that has become unbearable, it’s time for a change, time for a revolution.

Our themes are clear, some heard more some less.  And that’s why we decided to put them all next to each other, to give the public the opportunity to express their disagreement and solidarity.  We are a collection of opinions that should be heard.  Because only by listening to each other and reflecting opinions into real actions and changes are we able to reach a better tomorrow.

Let the cardboard box become a symbol of a new beginning, of change.

At the end, let us quote Ai Weiwei:
Everything is art.
Everything is politics.

Co-authors of the final instalation:

Jakub Pohludka, Prokop Vjaclovský, Martin Pavlištík, Alissa Abolentseva, Aiganym Kuvandyk

Me enjoying the vernissage.

Dream team

From left: Martin Pavlištík, Prokop Vjaclovský, Me, Alissa Abolentseva, Jakub Pohludka

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