Dominik Dragos Pohludka

Buddha Bless You

Buddha, Vietnamese porcelain, mining helmet from the 1960s, silikagel 25 × 45 × 25 cm

I’m searching for God, searching for myself.
But I don’t really believe in you a bit.

I believe in my knowledge and desire to expand it. So we may meet one day and you will be in the form of some of those mentioned in the past of humanity.

Now I’m meeting you, Buddha from Ostrava.

My new topic is straight forward. Since I’m probably here in Ostrava for the last year or two and I strongly decided to focus on something local.

Daim i miss it again

Vietnamese in Ostrava. Kinda local right? Vietnamese people started to appear in 1967-and further. From the past there were a lot of archives and photos left. I dug them, went around Vietnamese colonies, collected something and here we are.

Vietnam is somewhere in Ostrava
And Hranečník, part of Hanoi.


Accompanying installation

Budhistic pray flag in contrast with old ostrava flags conected with ostrava mining and soviet history.

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