Dominik Dragos Pohludka

Invisible thoughts

print, UV paint, 100 × 150 cm

White privileged artist.
Focus on what you have.
You are here in Czech.

Sweet and sour taste of going back „home“ What if I just don’t need a home? What If, the first time when I was packing to the world I somehow forgot and packed all things and then never came back „home“ again.

What if I found this place called „home“ in myself?
Can we carry „home“ and what is the definition of it?

The „home“ from my point of view is a place in making peace with yourself. Understanding that no matter where you are, It’s still you, your thoughts, your things. No more no less. More is coming from understanding and learning. Less is vanishing in eternity from getting stuck at one point, not moving on, relying upon a destiny.

Hard fact, there is only you.
You are the limit.
You are the freedom.

That leads me to start to think about the line that I started to see from people when I started to get involved in saying my opinions, support and thoughts out loud.

White privileged artist…

My skin color doesn’t make me bulletproof, prisonproof, tortureproof. And yes I have the advantage of being born in „Saint Europe“ but as I wrote earlier. I don’t feel at home in any particular place on earth. And based on that I have a strong will to see and go to the places that most of the people from my „hometown“ surroundings will not even think of.

I wanna call my home place, where I am, people from around, and eventually change it a million times, but honestly? Never stop, some things will go with you, something will stay in the past and that’s perfectly alright. Accept it, as I did. Past was good, the future will be better.

I don’t consider myself as a white, Czech or privilaged.
I consider myself human.

By making groups, boxes or stamps on someone we are further from understanding and uniting as a humanity.

instalation under combination of normal and UW light

Instalation in gallery Podlaha

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