Dominik Dragos Pohludka


Aluminum foil from kebab on canvas 150 × 150 × 4 cm

I already know that Döner kebab is a vertically rotating meat. However, eating my kebab Dürüm I think about, where does the word kebab actually come from? After comparing the sources, when Turkish, Arabic and Persian, gradually fell away, I came to the most common and most substantiated opinions in Akkadian and Aramaic. I finish eating kebab and squeeze foil. Aluminum foil as a material becomes a symbol of kebabs in its shape and color, but it also becomes such a wrap, the tension of what is inside. There is also a great practicality of fast food style of eating, When it is necessary to quickly pack and unpack quickly. Therefore, I chose the stencil as the most practical fast food variant for me.

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